Green Whale Global fosters a culture of sustainable lifestyle that strives towards a greener earth and a greener future for the global community.

An Eco-Friendly
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to Industrial Producers
Green Whale Global(GWG) is the leading Korean producer of eco-friendly plastic alternatives. GWG aims to reduce the global plastic footprint by replacing plastic at production thereby solving the global plastic problem right at the source. With over 15 years of R&D, GWG developed a patented cost-effective plastic alternative with countless applications benefiting from GWG’s technological advances in biodegradable/compostable plastic. The planet is at an inflection point where consumer choices directly impact its sustainability. GWG is at the forefront of solving the global plastic problem.
Finding Answers
in Nature
In 2019, the annual global plastic production reached nearly 370 million tons. Once discarded, over 90% of plastic waste ended up in landfills, was burned, or drifted into the ocean with less than 10% of it recycled. It takes centuries to a millennium for conventional plastics to decompose on land and never fully decompose in water, detrimental to marine life and often enters the food chain in the form of micro-plastics. GWG’s biodegradable plastics greatly decompose within 6 months, thereby putting an end to the vicious cycle of environmental pollution.
Creating Sustainability
Green Whale Global creates a sustainable environment through biodegradable plastic.

Single-Use Plastics that ensure convenience and sanitation

Packaging Material to keep your goods safe and sealed during shipment or storage

Retail Products designed to last longer with high durability

Industrial Products parts that make up large appliances or modes of transportation

Product Manufacturing
& Biodegradability Testing
GWG’s bioplastics’ ingredients consist mostly of cassava and corn that naturally decompose without releasing toxic chemicals upon disposal or incineration. With a unique patented mix of PLA and cassava starch, Green Whale Global provides an environmentally friendly, 100% compostable alternative to any plastic products. By providing an equivalent yet sustainable alternative to conventional plastics, GWG leads the way to a greener future.
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